The Beer

Hanabi Lager

Haná Pilsner Style Lager Beer

Spring 2023 Edition Hanabi Lager

Admiral Pilsner Style Lager Beer

Autumn/Winter 2022 Edition Hanabi Lager

Chevallier Helles Style Lager Beer

Spring/Summer 2022 Edition Hanabi Lager

Baronesse Pilsner Style Lager Beer

Winter 2021 Edition Hanabi Lager

Bohemian Pilsner Style Lager Beer

Autumn 2021 Edition Hanabi Lager

Bere Helles Style Lager Beer

Summer 2021 Edition Hanabi Lager

Francin Helles Style Lager Beer

Spring 2021 Edition Hanabi Lager

Barke Vienna Style Lager Beer

Winter 2020 Edition Hanabi Lager

Bohemian Pilsner Style Lager Beer

Autumn 2020 Edition Hanabi Lager

Francin Pilsner Style Lager Beer

This first batch of Hanabi Lager is a Pilsner-style lager that we brewed with a spring barley called Francin, which was grown in Skagit Valley, Washington, close to the San Juan Islands where we grew up. This barley loves it there next to the ocean…And so do we.

We feel that the most pleasure will be derived from our beers in the first 9-12 months after release. They are not a style that is intended for long-term aging, although they will evolve well during the first year. Store between 36 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit and serve refrigerator-cold (they can always warm up in the glass if you prefer).