The Hanabi Lager grain-forward approach has connected us to small family farms across America and the world. In turn, our beers are connecting us with bakers and chefs interested in special and heirloom grains, in our mutual pursuit of superior flavor. Bottles of Hanabi have been landing like sparks in the culinary centers of New York, Japan, Stockholm, Copenhagen, British Columbia, and our local California, and these grain-forward beers are earning a place at the tables where wine usually rules the day. Grapes and grains have a long and storied history together, and we love to see them getting back together.

There is certainly a grains renaissance a’ brewing (pun intended), uniting a
driven community of farmers, maltsters (or as we affectionately call them, grain-spouters), bakers, and chefs. Together we're rediscovering the remarkable diversity inherent in one of humanity's oldest and most significant  crops— grains!

Despite being the main dietary source of energy worldwide, cereal grains have unfortunately fallen victim to commoditization. This has resulted not only in a loss of the nutritional and biological diversity they once offered, but also a loss of flavor.

We at Hanabi, along with many top chefs, are interested to turn this around and bring back the flavor, nutrition, and cultural richness that has surrounded grains and grain farming for the last 12,000+ years of human agriculture. We seek to refocus the lens on one of the true staple crops of humanity, with an emphasis on flavor, nutrition, and environmental sustainability.

Beer still is, and always has been, a great catalyst for social connection. We raise our glass to the enduring legacy of grains and the vibrant community dedicated to their revival.