Hanabi Lager Mixed Case<br /><small>Haná Pilsner + Summer 2024</small><br /><small>12 x 500 mL bottles</small><br />

Hanabi Lager Mixed Case
Haná Pilsner + Summer 2024
12 x 500 mL bottles

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Includes 6 bottles each of our latest seasonal release and our flagship Haná Pilsner. 

Haná Pilsner - This beer features an heirloom grain variety named Haná that was originally used to brew the world’s first Pilsner. Brought back from near extinction by British farmers, we source it from one of the only fields in the world where it can be found today, in Norfolk, England. Our Haná Pilsner is the rhythm section of our brewery and is produced year-round. It represents the core of our house approach and style. Presented as a Pilsner style lager, this heritage barley brings aromatic notes of fresh wholegrain bread, nori, and dried spearmint, along with a long, fresh finish.

Summer 2024 Hanabi Lager - This beer highlights Edelweiss barley sourced from family-owned Sugar Creek Farm in Indiana. This rare seed originates from Austria and is a descendant of our beloved heirloom variety, Haná. Brewed as a Pilsner-style lager, Edelweiss presents a bright and cheerful demeanor with a super perfumy nose of freshly shaved fennel, lemon preserves, zesty sweet spearmint, and a flinty minerality. It captures the summertime spirit of adventure and is distinctly grain-forward. We hope you love it as much as we do. 

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